Pure Gravy LLC
Positionings That Beat Plan!
Our Point of View: Strong Brands = Strong Businesses
We believe it's more important than ever for companies to have a clear strategy for presenting their brands and making brand-right decisions as:
  • Social media and technology are continuing to shift the balance of power to consumers.

  • Choices have proliferated and mobile makes it easier than ever to evaluate all the options.
  • Consumers do their homework and trust the opinions of total strangers more than they trust paid media.
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Telling Your Powerful Brand Story! 
March 2014

Carol and Judy were honored to be co-keynote speakers at the Michigan Nutrition Network's annual Choices conference. The speech gave us an opportunity to share the principles of brand as story with our audience of over 250 dedicated nutrition educators who need to tell their story to Congress, the US Department of Agriculture and other sources to secure funding. 

The principles of brand storytelling are universal - they apply to B2C, B2B, non-profit and NGO brands. To see the slides that accompanied our speech, click here.

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