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Brand building that delivers!

Who We Are


Our Expertise

We are management and brand marketing consultants who help you achieve business impact quickly and confidently.


Our Team

  • Experienced problem solvers and marketers
  • Marketing and strategic brand management faculty at leading business schools
  • Industry thought leaders

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Our Values

Brands Rule

We believe in the power of brands They are one of the remaining legal sources of sustainable competitive advantage. A strong brand supports profitable growth and long-term business success.

From the Heart

  At its core, marketing is about influencing decisions. Without heart, it could all be so crass and manipulative. We are inspired by brand’s noble purpose: to make customers’ (and clients’) lives better. We live it in our daily practice.

Better Together

  We believe that diversity leads to better work (and a better world). Our collaborative approach to project management and the diverse perspectives we bring to our work ensure you feel heard and confident.

Fresh Eyes

Sure, we use best practices where they are helpful. And we have an approach to doing the work that is tried and true. But the design, insights and outputs of our work are tailored to  meet your challenges.

WYSIWYG (whiz-ee-wig)

What (or who) You See Is What (or who) You Get.  We wear all the hats, there is no anonymous bench here. No hidden fees or markups, either.

Judy Hopelain, Managing Partner


  • Leadership roles at BCG, Accenture, Prophet Brand Strategy
  • Partner, Brand Amplitude
  • SVP, Direct Channels, Illuminations
  • Director, Corporate Strategy, Patagonia
  • Marketing Faculty, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Carol Phillips, Partner


  • Research, strategic planning and account management at Leo Burnett, Y&R, J. Walter Thompson, Mullen
  • Founder & President, Brand Amplitude
  • Director of Communications, Whirlpool Corporation
  • Marketing Faculty, Notre Dame University Business School

Martin Predd, Research Director


  • Over 15 years conducting all facets of qualitative and quantitative research 
  • Co-founder/VP, Employer Brand Intelligence,  Change State
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics, DePauw University