Our approach

We partner with our clients in creating custom approaches and applying best practices to address their issues.

What Clients Value Most


  • Fast, efficient, tailored approach
  • Experienced, hands-on partnership
  • Actionable ideas
  • Impact

How We Work


  • Ask the right questions
  • Practice purposeful exploration and use of data
  • Evaluate and integrate relevant sources
  • Collaborate with decision makers to build support for conclusions and drive results

Insights offerings

Customer Tracking


Marketers have a number of associations they're trying to establish in customers' heads. Customer tracking is one way we help them gauge their effectiveness in landing those messages.

Qualitative Insights


We use a variety of techniques to expose the why behind customer behaviors or preferences. This is as much art as science, and clients tell us it's a special strength of ours.

Attitudes & Usage Studies


This type of project is particularly useful for understanding what drives customer choice and for developing customer personas. A&U studies often form the baseline for ongoing customer tracking work.

Creative & Concept Tests


We work with clients before launching new campaigns to help fine tune their creative. And we work with R&D teams to explore and hone new product, service and customer experience concepts.

Customer Segmentation


We identify meaningful customer segments based on differences in demographics, psychographics, behaviors and needs. And we identify the common thread that allows clients to market to them to maximum effect.

Customer Profiles & Personas


We profile customers and create memorable, actionable personas that provide a clear line of sight into customer motivations and decision drivers. These help bring target customers to life for employees across the organization. 

Our thinking

We make our tools available to anyone who wants to use them, and we welcome your feedback on what works for you!

Pure Gravy Brand Audit Toolkit 4.18.19 (pdf)


Customer Profiles-Personas Example (pdf)