Our promise = market impact

We help our clients capitalize on actionable insights about their customers and brands to achieve market impact. 

Questions we help you answer


What do users care about most and is that what you're known for?

Having a realistic assessment of the current state of the brand's health is key to charting the path forward. Our Audits deliver actionable insights that help clients understand what drives customer decisions and where their branding needs to better address what matters most to customers.

How can your brand help you attract and retain the best employees and customers?

A bold Vision is inspiring to customers as well as to employees and recruits. We work with clients to develop the Brand Platform to make their vision believable today and gain the actionable insights to guide the changes necessary to deliver more fully on that vision over time to increase market impact.

Which brands should you keep? How should you name new offerings?

M&A activity raises marketing questions about which name(s) to keep, which to retire and how to minimize confusion in the process. New products, services and even features are potential branding opportunities, and our Architecture and Naming Guidelines help internal and external audiences navigate the portfolio and understand the organization's value proposition, and help you achieve market impact.

How do you make your brands work harder for you?

Brands are assets that help marketers build customer relationships. Smart branding can help you capitalize on new opportunities and increase the success of your current efforts. To do so requires a Brand Activation Plan based on actionable insights to leverage the brand's strengths. We help companies do that, and get more bang for their brand buck. 

How do you align your team around a shared approach to marketing and brand planning?

Most Marketing organizations have talented people with diverse experience. It can be challenging to get all of them to use the same approach to branding and marketing planning. Our experience as marketing and brand experts at leading business schools is key to our success helping develop the tools and processes teams need for market impact and rolling them out through custom designed training workshops. 

Pure Gravy Capabilities: Insights to Action

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