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Capitalizing on Transformation

While many are pursuing transformational change, BCG has  found that most publicly announced transformations fail to deliver their full potential or promised results. Click here for my thoughts on ways to increase your chances of success!

Branding on Purpose: Intuit
Intuit developed its purpose by understanding customers’ problems and exploring its own values to uncover what the brand aspires to do about them. 

For more on how Intuit CMO, Lara  Hood Balazs, is working to reframe the brand and the way it speaks with consumers to align to the company’s mission, click here. 

Branding on Purpose: Natura-Avon deal

Natura’s acquisition of Avon is the latest example of brands pursuing growth and profitability by broadening their focus to serve stakeholders, including employees and their communities, as well as shareholders. Read the post

Ways Employee Advocacy Benefits Brands

It all starts with a compelling #vision for the brand’s #noblepurpose and how it improves peoples’ lives. Read the post

Nestle Tests Blockchain for Dairy

Blockchain is emerging as a key tool in the scramble to earn customer trust by providing supply chain transparency. Read the post

What we've been up to

November 20, 2019

Big Thank You to Sumeru Equity Partners, John Brennan and Randy Randleman, for inviting me to participate in their CEO Summit. Their portfolio company CEOs, mostly from B2B tech, were totally engaged in the discussion of how their brands can work harder for them. I appreciated the opportunity to meet them!



CEO Summit-Hopleain vF (pdf)


October 3

Thank you to Zack Abbott, CEO and founder of ZBiotics, for agreeing to be our client this semester in Strategic Brand Management. After a thorough briefing on the business, our EWMBA262 teams completed a comprehensive Brand Audit of the ZBiotics brand. 

Click the button below to see the ZBiotics Consolidated Brand Audit.



ZBiotics Consolidated Brand Audit (pdf)


April 24, 2019

Thank you to Suzie Ivelich for inviting me to present to this semester's Berkeley Haas Undergraduate Brand Management students. We love this kind of branding and marketing training. We used KIND Snacks to practice the key steps in brand strategy development. Students drafted the brand's Vision, Benefits Hierarchy and Positioning. And everyone got to eat the product!

Click the download button below for a PDF of the presentation.

Positioning Practice - KIND Snacks (pdf)


March 21, 2019

Thank you to the Women Entrepreneurs at Berkeley team for the opportunity to speak at #BerkeleyHaas last week about "Why Stuff Sells." The key: Having a #CustomerCentric #ValueProposition and aligning your #CX to deliver it. We love doing these types of branding presentations and workshops!

Click the download button below for a PDF of the  workshop materials!

On Being Customer Centric (pdf)